Reflections on the making of Four Seasons Lodge

Director Andrew Jacobs recounts how he discovered Four Season’s Lodge, what motivated him to make the documentary, and the tough creative decisions of the filmmaking process.

Audience Reviews


Powerful in a subtle way

The sign of a meaningful movie for me is the impact it has after I’m finished watching it. The documentary was filmed in a way that clearly allowed the members there to feel comfortable and be themselves… each moment of life is precious. In it’s subtle way the movie was tremendously moving, the effect of which was most powerful after it ended.


Touching, Moving and Delightful

I laughed and cried watching this and highly recommend this piece. It will make you grateful for your life in this challenging time we are presently in.


The Best Revenge is living well, as these Holocaust survivors showed.

This documentary was filmed around 2007, so most if not all of these precious Holocaust survivors have passed on by now. I say precious because even in their advanced years, it was obvious that most were still traumatized by their experiences in Nazi concentration camps. At the end of this film, I wanted to hug all these dear people.


Wonderful Film

Done with great delicacy, tenderness and affection. It is funny, poignant, sad and delightful.


Heartwarming, inspirational and jaw dropping listening to what they experienced.

I would love to meet each of them in person. I could listen to their life stories forever and I just want to hug them for all they endured, their strength, their love of each other and how they continue to live life to the fullest.


What really matters?

I stumbled upon this gem late at night after a hard day. When the camera panned the inner arm of the “lodgers” I knew I’d never have a hard day again. Blessings to all of the dancing, singing survivors of the world’s most unbelievable atrocity. Thank you all for this honest gift.


Thought provoking

I was enthralled from the first minute. This movie is not about the holocaust but rather about the support these survivors need and offer each other, the family they have created out of strangers because they have lost their own biological ones, and the ability of people to not be destroyed by their horrific experiences. It felt very real and honest to me, it’s not a documentary that makes a big statement but tells a simple and beautiful story of the human spirit and its will to be joyous, no matter what. 5 stars!


A tender film about courage

To see holocaust survivors, hear their stories and watch the joy with which they still embrace their lives at advanced ages is truly inspirational.

Critics Reviews

“Surprising, joyous … inspirational in unexpected ways.” – Los Angeles Times

“Gorgeously photographed … the awesome spectacle of life triumphing over annihilation.” – The New York Times

“Heartbreaking and poignant and inspiring and adorable” – The Guardian

“Pitch-perfect film … life affirming and touching” – New York Post

“The funniest Holocaust-themed doc yet made … warmly entertaining, beautiful.” – Time Out New York

“Like a funny visit with your grandparents multiplied by a dozen.” – New York Magazine – Critics Pick!

“Spectacular cinema verite … an extraordinary accomplishment, a subtle yet unforgettable experience that is one of the best films of the decade.” – This Week in New York

“Film poetry … surprisingly illuminates the ineffable.” – Slant Magazine

“Packs more wisdom than the best therapy session … a poignant tribute to a generation who endured the worst man has to offer, but never let it spoil their faith in each other, or humanity.” – Washington Times

“An exquisite observational documentary … This film does exactly what we want it to: It lets us get to know these people as they are.  And they are wonderful.” – Documentary Magazine

“Andrew Jacobs’ surprisingly upbeat doc …  serenely unfolds at the steady pace of its indomitable subjects, ultimately rewarding viewers’ patience…” – Variety

“Quietly powerful” – The Oregonian

“Simply heartwarming” – Hartford Courant

“A must-see” – Newsday